‘Do What Thou Wilt’ Short film online.

We started this project as just two friends with a passion for the film industry, who wanted to make our own movies.

So we decided to make our own short film but had no idea how to go about it.

We began studying scriptwriting, came up with a concept for our story and then wrote the first draft of our script.

We were fortunate enough to have some friends who also have a love for the acting/movie-making business and our journey which had started out as 2 good friends soon developed into 5.

Then we went about scouting locations, made many edits to the script and set a date to shoot.

As the date came closer our self-doubt and anxiety grew exponentially, to the point where we were close to calling the whole thing off several times.

Instead, we pushed forward and thought about the project as a learning curve. We had never made a film before so no matter how this went we would all finish it with a vast amount of knowledge that we hadn’t had before.

After 3 amazing days shooting with very long shoot days, our journey to shooting our first short film had finished. What started out as 2 good friends with just an idea,  by the end of the shoot we had become a family of 9.

Just as we thought the hardest part was over we delved into editing a short film for the first time 🙂 Here we learn a whole lot more than we could have imagined as well.

The main things we took away from this apart from all the technical things we learnt, was to never give up, and if you just keep pushing forward the project will take a life of its own and in turn guide you forward.

Just over one year ago we shot “Do What Thou Wilt” Since then we have shot 2 more short films, are working on our next, have written a few more, have written two feature film scripts that are still in development and the Peripheral Vision family has grown bigger.

We are so thankful to everyone who has helped us on this journey. I know it’s a cliché, but this genuinely wouldn’t have been possible without you all, thank you 🙂 xx

link to our short film “Do What Thou Wilt”: https://vimeo.com/peripheralvisionfilms/dowhatthouwilt

Carmen Courtney Ward
Josie Holly Ashman
Jack Wesley Mahoney
Bartender Tamsin Payne
Radio Jame Buttling
Thug #1 Aaron Collict
Thug #2 Ethan Drew

Extras Martin Allen, Amanda Allen & Sam Blaney

Directed by Darren Brade
Co-Directed Wesley Mahoney
Written by Wesley Mahoney, Darren Brade & Robert Cotterell

Camera Assistant – Zowie Mahoney
Hair & Makeup – Erin Drohan
Stills Photography – Chris Biele
Runner – Paul Mahoney
Music – Voodoo Trash

Special Thanks to:
Monica Mahoney, Sandra Mahoney, Karima Efthymiou, Fabrice Ouakinine, Timbers Lodge, Soul Cafe, Wyndham’s Theatre

Filmed on location in Norfolk, England.