Here is a quick link to all of our current short films available for viewing.

‘Arrival of Oliver’ – A short narrative drama of a teenager faced with tragedy.

Synopsis: Life is full of realistic dreams for Oliver as he is about to embark on a magnificent boxing career, at least that was the plan until a horrific accident.

Film Link:

‘To Walk Amongst You’ – A short narrative drama of good vs evil.

Synopsis: What if God wasn’t the good guy? Present-day London and Adam and Eve are on the run from God who wants to kill their unborn child.

Film Link:

‘Your Heart is Homeless’ – An LGBT short about a man struggling to come to terms with his sexuality.

Synopsis: Carl, struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, meets James for a one night stand.

Film Link:

‘Driving Force 2019 (A story of Riona Kelly & Keith Mason)’ – A short documentary

Synopsis: After suffering a spinal stroke in 2015 and told she would never walk again, Riona Kelly talks about her struggle to defy the doctors with the help of her new partner, ex-rugby league player Keith Mason.

Film Link:

‘Do What Thou Wilt’ – A short narrative thriller about two female hitchhikers.

Synopsis: Josie and Carmen are stranded by the roadside on the way to a wedding, reluctantly they hitch a ride with a handsome stranger who is not all that he seems.

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